Posted on lun 08 abril 2013

2013 Italian Elections in Yahoo News

In 2013, within the Social Media Engagement Research Group in Yahoo Labs Barcelona (group led by Alejandro Jaimes) we developed two visualizations to analyze and explore the presidential elections in Italy.

Social Media Support

Each map is colored according to the social media support index of each party. This index was estimated from the amount of Facebook likes and Twitter retweets supporting the different political parties. You can see that different regions had different support levels. In the overview map, each region is colored according to the most supported party, but you can see the whole party support by clicking on the top buttons.

Visualization featured in Yahoo News

We performed data mining on Twitter to analyze how each candidate's tweets were related to several issues like education, health care, and so on. Then, we compared how each candidate gave importance to each issue in comparison to the other candidates.

Bonus Track: Playing with color scales in maps

With this project I started to like maps a lot, specially in small multiples contexts. Although the menu in the map visualization uses colored buttons, originally we wanted to have these small multiples. But sometimes cross-browser technology (remember that a big share of Web surfers still use Internet Explorer) won't allow you to do what you want.

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