Posted on vie 08 abril 2011


Joint work with Luca Chiarandini.

Timebook is a social network of historical figures built from Linked Open Data found on DBPedia, Europeana and WikiQuote. The main question we want to answer is: what if social media existed before? can it be used to explore, learn and understand art movements and collections?

We made use of Linked Open Data in Wikipedia/DBPedia and Europeana, plus other data sources like Wikiquote, to build profiles of artists. Artists belonged to several “groups” built from the Wikipedia categories, followed or were followed by other artists and friends according to the Wikipedia links, had “wall posts” extracted from Wikiquote and “photos” extracted from Europeana. Timebook was built as a django application. We created custom python scripts to load data from DBPedia, Europeana and Wikiquote.

In Timebook’s 2012 version we removed Europeana support because their data was hard to match with Wikipedia data, and we wanted to have an online version of our site (which we did for the conference). At the conference, many people from the arts and museums scene contacted us to talk about the project. It was the first time I realized we had the tools to create impact in others who were not expert coders nor computer scientists.

We were Winners of the Social Inclusion category and Developers Award at Europeana's Hack4Europe hackathon in Barcelona. We also thank Conxa Rodà for her support and encouragement to present our work at the Museum Next conference (see video above).


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